Seeded Gel Ceramic Grains


Composition:  Al2O3:94-96% MgO: 0.7-1.6%        

Property: Density3.85 g/cm3:Hv Hardness2100-2200 kgf/mm2

Advantage: The microstructure, which is composed of extremely uniform, 

                             sub-micron crystals, is designed to continually expose new cutting

                             edges via microfracture when stressed. These characteristics produce 

                             an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain ideal for precision 

                             and vitrified bond systems, heavy-duty coated abrasive grain utilization 

                             and low-pressure, tough-to-grind applications such as fine finishing.

ApplicationOur Ceramic Grains are available both for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives. 

                            Its ultra-fine microstructure and modified chemistry result in the highest removal 

                            rates and G-ratios, across a wide range of applications.

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