Alumina Zirconia Abrasive Grains

Introduction: Alumina Zirconia Abrasive Grains (AZ) represents a fused Alumina-Zirconia type of 

                               eutectic composition produced by melting alumina and Zirconia at about 2000 temperature 

                               in an electric arc furnace followed by cooling of the motion product.



AZ40 : Al2O358~60%;  ZrO238~40% 

It promises lasting durability for coated and bonded abrasives. The very fine and homogenous microstructure of 

this material provides high toughness but also excellent self-sharpening properties.

AZ25 : Al2O374~76%;  ZrO223~25% 

It is extremely wear resistant and anti-friable grain that is widely for bonded abrasives.


AZF25 : Al2O374~76%;  ZrO223~25%

It is a dense, durable material frequently used to produce heavy-duty bonded abrasives.


AZS25 : Al2O374~76%;  ZrO223~25%

It is extremely tough and hard with blocky shape and is re-shaped based on the original AZF25 material. 

It is frequently used for producing extra-duty bonded abrasives for steel conditioning industry.

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